Top 3 Light Exercise for Anyone

admin   November 2, 2016   Comments Off on Top 3 Light Exercise for Anyone

Health careIn order to be healthy, exercise is really an activity that anyone should do. However, some people have some limits that hinder their movement so that they cannot be as active as usual. It can be because of the defect, accident, aging, or anything. Regardless of the cause, it is still necessary to train your motoric systems to work with you by doing exercise. The first exercise is aerobic. Walking, jogging, and swimming are few examples of aerobic exercise. The first is really easy to do, and it is necessary to target the exercise at least 5 – 10 minutes a day. If your body is trained to do – at least after one month routine exercise – you can increase the duration for achieving a better result.

The second exercise is actually related to anaerobic exercise because it is categorized as strength training. The focus for the training is the feet muscle because it supports you when standing up and performing some basic tasks. To do that is fairly simple. Squatting for 10 reps of 2 or 3 sets of exercise will be beneficial for your health. For upper body strength, you also can try lifting the weight. The weight, sets, and reps can be adjusted accordingly. If you do not have weight to lift, try to do pushups.

The next thing that can be extremely useful is stretching. It is really necessary because it allows the muscle to be more flexible. That way, it can minimize injuries and pain if your muscles are damaged. It is recommended to stretch every time you want to have the above exercise because it allows blood flows. That way, your muscle will not be shocked on what is going to happen. Stretching should be concentrated on several body parts especially ones that will work harder than others. If you want to run, you need consider lower-body stretching before.

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