Tips to Consider before You Travel to Indonesia

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travel to indonesiaAre you planning to travel to Indonesia? Then, you may need to know some tips that can help you to get the most of your vacation in this one of the wonderful countries in the world. Well, when it comes to Indonesia, there will be so many options to choose in case of a tourism destination. Then, if it will be your first time to visit this country, you may need to know how to get the best time in traveling in Indonesia. Therefore, here are some tips that you can follow when visiting Indonesia.

Top Tips to Consider before You Travel to Indonesia

First of all, you should remember that Indonesia is very large in the case of size. With more than 17,000 islands, you may spend so many times when traveling all around this country. As a consequence, you may consider choosing some of the places in Indonesia that you want to see most. Second, travel to Indonesia is not only about Bali Island. Bali can be your best choice when visiting Indonesia. Nevertheless, the choice is not limited in Bali. As we can see before, Indonesia is large in size and we can find many other great places to visit alongside Bali.

Next, you should try its street food. You may find it nervous when it is the first time you eat at the street in the country in Asia like Indonesia. Nevertheless, street food in Indonesia is certainly tasty and you can also save more money once you eat street food. Then, you should know that Indonesia has various cultures inside it. As a diverse country, Indonesia has different cultures from one region to another region. The last but not least, you should try its tea! When you travel to Indonesia, you should taste as many teas as possible.

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