Some Healthy Spices

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Health careHow many spices do you know? Spices that will make your food taste better also healthy for your body. You should take care your health, right? So, here it is. You can start your healthy life by knowing some healthy spices in here. You maybe do not like one or some of the spices. Maybe you even do not know yet about some of them. At least, you know this information; then, you can try to consume them. Let see the information below.

There about sixteen spices that are very good for your health. What are they? OK, first spice is oregano. Oregano is a spice that can help soothe your stomach muscles. Then, second spice is thyme. Thyme is believed can relax your respiratory muscles. After that, there is mint and turmeric. Mint will ease hiccups and turmeric is anti-cancer. Besides, there are Ginger and Basil. Ginger is an anti-nausea remedy and Basil can relieve gas and also soothe your stomach upsets. Garlic and black pepper are the next healthy spices for you. Garlic is a natural antiseptic; then, black pepper can help relieve indigestion. Next are fenugreek and cayenne; fenugreek helps flush out harmful toxins and cayenne can stop a heart attack.

Other that those, there are fennel and cinnamon. Fennel can reduce bad breath and body odor. Besides, cinnamon can helps lower the blood pressure. Then, next healthy spices are clove and dill. Clove is anti-microbial and dill treats heartburn, gas, and colic. The last, there are sage and Rosemary. Sage is antibiotic and also antiseptic; besides, Rosemary is antioxidant. You should find out if you do not know one of some of them well. After you know about all the good spices for your health; then, you can be ready to shop all of them. So, that is all hope you like the information and the information can be useful and helpful for you and people around you.

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