Simple Things We Must Know About Hiv

admin   December 13, 2016   Comments Off on Simple Things We Must Know About Hiv

Health life1 December is known as the HIV day to make people remember about preventing and solving the problem of HIV. HIV has become the most dangerous illness because it could attack the immune system of the body. There are a lot of people who are encouraged to know and detect the sign of getting HIV as soon as possible. However, there are so many researchers that HIV sign could not be seen until several months, in around sixth month then the person could be diagnosed as HIV victim. However, you can know several signs which are useful to prevent any further problem.

The first thing is that you must notice something around your neck. There must be the swelling of your neck gland. This happens because the virus attacks the system which is in your neck and any important gland in your body. You can also notice if people often get fever and night sweating. This is because the virus is currently attacking the antibody system in your body. It makes your body more vulnerable to the disease so that every virus which comes to your body could not be repelled as well as the system that you used to have.

A continuous cough could also be the reason why you might have been caught by HIV. You must know that the antibody system could survive to the attack of cough virus. If not, then you must check up your body to the nearest medical center. The another easy sign that you can find is when you get tired with no clear reason. If you often get tired too soon when you do your activities, then you might have to go to your doctor to know if you are having no problem with your body. That is why it is much better that you diagnosed yourself to know about HIV status.

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