Review about Resident Evil 6 – Download Game PC Full Version

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Download game pc full versionFor fans of resident Evil 6, you exactly want to have the game with download game PC full version. If we see the plot and the trailer, resident evil is a group of many characters from resident evil 1 to resident evil 6. If you love this game, you will know all characters in this game.

Let’s Check Out Resident Evil 6 with Download Game PC Full Version

This game tells us about the virus in Raccoon City. It makes the city full of zombie. The developer has made many platforms such as PlayStation 1, PC and Xbox 360. One of the characters in this game is Leon who is the police. He is accompanied by Helena Harper to find the cause of city virus. They begin the mission in the white house America. The most interesting thing in this game is we can play all characters and each character will play different plot. If we have finished playing a character we continue to play with 2 others. Each plot has relation each other. Helena Harper is the new character in this game. Thus do you want to download Game PC Full Version?

Moreover, there is Wong, a woman, who a play in Umbrella Corp. Wong is the evil protagonist here because she is a paid agent. In the resident evil 6, we will know Wong with other characters which will surprise us. Also, you can find the character of Chris. Chris has a duty with BSAA team to complete a mission in Africa. Jake Mullet is a son of Albert Wesker in Hong Kong. He brings 5 subordinates who one of them is Piers Nivans. Piers Nivans is a member of BSAA and the partner of Chris Redfield. He is a protagonist and to change Carlos Olivera who dies in Nevada.  At the beginning, Jake Muller is a nephew of Alex Wesker in Resident Evil Revolution. He has a partner Sherry Birkin, a William Birkin’s daughter. Are you curious? Let’s download game PC full version.

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