IT Review of Android Marshmallow

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yunarwinardi.comGoogle has officially announced its latest OS series that begins with the initials M. And finally, Android M or Android 6.0 Android is named Marshmallow. If Android Lollipop update appears with a focus on the design side, this Marshmallow Android will be more focus on the improvement of features that have been there before and eliminate bugs that appeared on previous Android series.

IT Review of the Advantages Android Marshmallow

No need to open the application to make a payment, all you have to do to unlock and put your phone on a compatible contact. To use it, you need to create virtual accounts in which the account is not your google account, this is a virtual account function for more secure transactions. Android Pay now is used in more than 700,000 merchants throughout the United States and is able to sync with your credit card or your debit card.

One of the coolest features of Android Marshmallow is now on Tap. What’s Now On Tap? Now On Tap is an improved version of Google Now where this new feature allows users to access information anywhere on your Android device Marshmallow them, no matter what they do. Now on Tap can pull info such as ratings, trailers or even give you the facility to buy a ticket. You can also see other apps on your phones, such as Yelp or Openable to book a dinner reservation or read reviews of the restaurant you want to visit to try the new menu at dinner. It has App permissions. Completion App Permissions on Android this Marshmallow make application permissions more intuitive, giving the user the option to allow or deny specific permission in an application rather than having to accept all licenses at once. For example, you can give WhatsApp access to the camera, but not to access the microphone if you want. Read various IT articles at

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