Go Change to Purple Bedding!

admin   November 18, 2016   Comments Off on Go Change to Purple Bedding!

purple beddingWhat color do you use for your bed covers? Is it gray? Green? Or red? Wrong color! Go change it to purple bedding right now! Why? Because it will increase your bedroom good vibes! Are you done changing it yet? If yes, I will give you some tips and trick to re-decorate your bedrooms! As my gratitude.

Tips and Trick for Purple Bedding

The first are, make your room looks spacious even it is not in reality, but how? You can add mirrors every here and there, the reflection from the mirrors will make your rooms looks twice as its original size. It’s like magic. Besides mirrors, you should add more neutral color like white, to your rooms. As your bedding are purple bedding, you can give the white touch to your wall or the furniture. Don’t forget a wide window, for natural light! Move to the second, choose a right color. This is not a simple task for many of us, including me, to blend proportionately colors are hard, you should have an artistic mind that not everyone is born with, or at least experienced enough in this kind of field. To handle this problem, you can ask your friend opinion, or you can always look up on the internet! The Internet are always there for you! Next, the last but not the least, good lighting! Yes, you read that right, not only in photography world you need a good lighting but also in your very own bedroom! For bedrooms, it is recommended to use a dimmer light, it will give you this cozy and calm feeling, exactly what you need for a resting place.

That’s it, guys. I hope it will help you even just a bit to start re-decorating your room! Also, don’t forget our main concern, the one, and only Purple Bedding!

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