Do You Smoke?

admin   November 21, 2016   Comments Off on Do You Smoke?

Health lifeWhy is on earth still their people smoke? No one knows the reason except the smokers them self. Why do you smoke, people? Is it good for your body or your soul? People who do not smoke do not think the cigarette is good for body nor soul. You poison your body by smoking you know. You know it already but you cannot stop, don’t you? So, do not let the poison eat your body slowly, stop it now. You may stop smoking slowly if you cannot leave cigarette all at once.

There are a lot of people succeed stop smoking; so, why do not you try it too? You can plan of stop smoking by try to change your habit of smoking with something else such as sweets or food. If you like coffee, you have got enough caffeine from it; then, you could stop smoking then. Do not force your body consuming poison every day. Do not you love your body? Or you want to die sooner than others? If you want to feel healthy life, then start to leave your cigarette now. It is a big step but your life will change entirely. Are you ready to be healthier than before?

If you think, smoking makes you better; maybe you are right based on your version. See the doctor and check up the whole body you have then you will know your body is good because of cigarette or not. Look, your lungs are in the same position or not? Yes? Then, what are the lungs look? Is it good or not? Ask your doctor, maybe you will get the date of your lungs fly away from you. Now, look at your teeth. Are they looks good and beautiful? Ask your doctor what healthy teeth looks like. You will know if cigarette brings you good life or not. It is all your choice to be healthy or not.

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