The African Full Body Silicone Baby Girl

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full body silicone babyNowadays, technology is well known could help and ease people’s life. As another of human invention, full body silicone baby girl and boy has the acceptance in public. It is beautifully attracted their heart because of the similarity level with the real baby in high level. The producer also offer the types of them in various details. As for the accessories, too, they might sell them separately with the model. But still, both are easily found, in online stores or conventional ones that ease people to get one of them.

What Is The Difference Of African Full Body Silicon Baby Girl?

In history, full body silicone baby girl produce in lighter skin, such as the most American’s society are. But by the increasing of user in nursery activity, and in social action where the parents buy this doll as a birthday gift for their children, the demand of doll with darker skin appear. It comes mostly from American African race who also wants the role model whose similarity with them. And that is why many producers start to develop and sell silicon body in African style. As a new model, it is successfully attracted people because of its beautiful total black skin. The looks are natural. It is also easy to find the accessories for dressing this role model.


Full body silicone baby girl in African style is not always made by big factory. Based on survey, people has preference in buying this doll where it is made by hand. It is believed that the hand made one has better quality. Somehow it may be because the producer see the details such as wrinkle, spot, and capillarity well than in industry scale. But however, people details in consideration is still required to meet their satisfaction when they buy this product.

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